The Fulton Street Jazz Band is one of the West Coast's long-standing and most
popular Classic Jazz and Swing bands. Since 1965, they have headlined at hundreds
of prestigious Jazz festivals, been featured on over 25 Jazz cruises throughout the world,
made many TV and radio appearances and recorded countless LPs and CDs. The FSJB
is a hard-swinging band that plays in the tradition of Eddie Condon's New York bands of the
1940s and 50s. But . . . . They don't stop there. Their extensive and varied repertoire
combines elements of the music of Chicago, San Francisco and most importantly,
New Orleans. The FSJB is the only band to have played all 41 Sacramento
Music (Jazz) Festivals. Be sure to pick up their latest CD which features two songs
by their former vocalist, actress Molly Ringwald. Not to be missed!