The Bay Area All-Stars is a small group that emerged a few years ago from a "pick-up" band that performed a few times at Nick's Rockaway Beach Restaurant in Pacifica, most notably at the memorial for our great musician, friend and colleague, Jim Rothermel. Three of the band members (Scott Anthony - banjo/guitar/vocals, Bob Schulz - cornet/vocals, and Jim Maihack - trombone/vocals) are long-time members of the Golden Gate Rhythm Machine and Bob Schulz's Frisco Jazz Band. Filling out the group, Robert Young is on bass sax and Bob Ringwald is at the piano. The great Bay Area veteran performer, Pat Yankee sings three or four tunes in each set.

The band now is an almost-once-a-month Monday night feature at Nick's, always drawing a large crowd (especially for a Monday night!) of enthusiastic dancers and listeners. They play a range of selections from Dixieland and Traditional Jazz through '20s and '30s pop tunes always with tempos that keep the dancers in mind. Their aim is to have fun and please the audience.

From left to right: Bob Ringwald, Jim Maihack, Pat Yankee, Scott Anthony, Bob Schulz (Robert Young hidden)